Gigantic Discounts on Cards & Envelopes

As a shopper to our website, we know you want to get the best bargain possible when buying personalized invitations, announcements and stationery cards, so that is why we offer the BIGGEST Discounts anywhere when purchasing these items from US! For a Limited Time, if you purchase 35 or more Cards, YOU may ADD 10 of the SAME CARDS WITH THE SAME WORDING to your order at NO ADDITIONAL Cost.

With some purchases, this is a GIGANTIC 40% SAVINGS!!

Here’s how it works. Say you need 60 personalized cards from us. You add 50 cards to your shopping cart, along with the accessories you want such as envelope imprinting, Thank You Cards, RSVP Cards, if desired, and then click ADD TO CART, the Option at the bottom of the personalization page.

Your personalized cards and accessories, if any, will then be added to the Shopping Cart. You MAY then Click ADD 10 FREE CARDS, located in your shopping cart below the Quantity. The Page will then "refresh" itself, adding Your 10 FREE Cards!! And, as you see, the 10 FREE, are ABSOLUTELY Free!!! You pay only for the envelopes and imprinting, if needed.

Using our example, of 50 Cards, this gives you a quantity of 60 Cards and Envelopes, when you pay for ONLY 50 Cards and Envelopes.

This Discount Special Applies to Quantities of 35 Cards or MORE. If you buy 35 cards, we will give you 10 FREE, so you actually get 45 Cards for the price of 35. That can be up to a 40% SAVINGS!! This quantity example is for illustrative purposes only. Savings vary based on the quantity you purchase.

So . . . . Go Ahead and take advantage of our Discount Specials being offered for a limited time only!!

Please note that the 10 FREE Cards option does NOT apply to the Premium Cards shown in this website

Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you had a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience.